Nokia_logo.gifBack in April, Spike Lee and Nokia teamed up on a project where the acclaimed filmmaker would direct a movie made with cell phone footage submitted by Nokia multimedia device users. 

Last night, Nokia premiered the world’s first social film, which was built by Lee from over 4,000 pieces of original content. 

“What drew me to this project was the unique opportunity to do

something that hasn’t been done before utilizing technology, the

internet, and having people collaborate on a film,” said Director Spike

Lee. “The new technology, you might say, is bringing a democracy to

film. Anyone can be a journalist, a filmmaker, a still photographer.

Just pull out your mobile device, record it, press a button, and it’s

instantly on the web. So I think it’s great that Nokia had the vision to see where all of this is headed.”

Through three acts, birth, life and death, Lee used video posts and blog entries to help guide the participants’ submissions, which were then voted on by visitors to the website designed for this project.  After being narrowed down to a top 10, Lee then chose the finalist for each act and they were then announced at the Premiere event.

At the premiere party, at Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles, Nokia also sponsored a one-on-one Guitar Hero III Mobile competition and a live performance by Avril Lavigne.

Take a look at the project at the Nokia Productions site here.