Seton Hall discussed options with AT&T for our students and faculty that may be already AT&T customers and not receiving the discount.  AT&T has agreed to provide the discount to all students and faculty that did not originally sign up for it.  AT&T in conjunction with SHU has agreed to extend the discount to family plans.  What this means is that as part of a family plan, when you register on line (following the procedure below) you will indicate that your number (that is the SHU member) should be the primary for billing purposes.  This will ensure your discounts. Please bear in mind that this might take up to two billing cycles based on your bill dates.

Attaching a personal account to the Seton Hall Corporate discount is as easy as following the steps below. 

1. From any computer, go to
2. Enter their SHU email address in the ‘Qualify for Employee Discounts’ field and click ‘Go’


attPortal.jpgIf the email address is validated, an email will be sent to them with instructions on completing the personal number attachment to receive their monthly service discount.