e71.jpgThere are a few slight changes to the schedule for next Tuesday’s training for SHUmobile participants, and I have outlined them below.

Due to space and time constraints, and I have worked with Nokia to set up the following structure for their visit:

1:30-2:30 (ITV Room) Advanced Technical and Device Training for Faculty, Telecom and University administrators  This will be an opportunity for those of us in both Faculty leadership and Administrative support roles to meet with Nokia and to address some support issues, some questions and to get some tips and tricks.

2:30-3:00 Break/Overage

3:00-5:00 (Beck Rooms) Training on S60 & OVI.  This will begin with a PowerPoint overview and then we can break into small groups to focus on topics that everyone can identify by commenting on this blog post.

It is very important to hear from you over the course of the next few days.  In preparation please do the following:

  • Comment to this post (or to Dr. Taylor’s post from last night) with some aspects of the devices you are most interested in learning about.  This can include functionality that you are already aware of, but want more information on, or about Nokia specific applications and enhancements, or about general topics such as GPS Navigation (thanks Kimberly!), multimedia, connectivity or collaboration and so forth.
  • Include in your comment if you are able to come and if you are able to stay for the entire time frame.
  • Please bring your computer on Tuesday, as you may need it for personal account creation in Ovi etc.

Representatives from Nokia will be referring to the blog to customize their presentation, but will only be able to do so until Saturday night.  Beginning Sunday they will work on developing materials for Tuesday afternoon.

While this is not a mandatory event, I highly encourage you to come, even if it is only for a small portion of this.

I am very excited about having Nokia come to campus and spend time with us in this manner, and I look forward to sharing this opportunity with everyone involved!

Thanks, and please let me know your thoughts, questions or comments.