Nokia_logo.gifIn an interview with the Boston Globe, Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, spoke of the efforts Nokia will be making in the US smartphone market, the evolution of their North American Marketing and mobile gaming.  It is an good quick interview, well worth the read.
Here’s an excerpt:

But is Nokia now getting more aggressive in the US?

are investing more in the US market. We are expanding our research and

development activity in San Diego. We’ve got lots of people there

designing phones now that are specific to the US needs and the US


Sales of smartphones like the Apple iPhone have been booming. Are all cellphones destined to become little handheld computers?

are different consumer segments that prefer different types of phones.

Some people are happy with the basic communication functionality. Voice

is enough for some people. Then there are some other people who really

want to explore the different functionalities that are available. We

need to be able to offer solutions to all of these people. One size

will not fit all. Hence our strategy is to offer phones to all consumer

segments, in all markets. In that way, our strategy basically differs

from the strategies of the competition, who typically are targeting or

concentrating on some segments or areas or price points in the

marketplace. We will go for all markets, all price points, all

segments. We are the market leader in smartphones. Our approach is

based on the Symbian operating system. We are now, together with our

partners, making it fully open . . . to everybody who wants to use the

Symbian operating system.

It sounds similar to Google’s

strategy of introducing the Android operating system for phones, then

encouraging developers to write software for it.
We have had that for 10 years. Definitely, we are ahead.

You can find it here.