Pauledited.jpgOn Wednesday, November 11, 2009, the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable held its first event of the academic year: Mobility Project Best Practices. The use of Nokia mobile devices has been piloted by faculty and administration for the last year in their courses or their departments. This fall semester, 16 projects were launched with about 450 devices!

Presentations at this event were conducted by faculty, students and administration to share with the SHU community the exciting work that is being done on and off campus with mobile devices.

Paul Fisher, Director of the TLT Center kicked off the event describing Seton Hall’s initiative, SHUmobile, with his presentation The Evolution of the Mobile Campus.

Next on the agenda was Hezal Patel, Freshman Studies Mentor and Mary Zedeck, Instructional Designer. This project involves the University Life course and the use of mobile devices to create multimedia artifacts for student ePortfolios as well as the investigation of platforms for ePortfolio creation. Two Nokia device models spanning two semesters, the N95 and the N97, have been incorporated in three transfer sections of the University Life course. The slides from this presentation can be viewed here.

The third presentation was conducted by Karoline Stankiewicz, William Petrick and Jas Verem of Housing and Residence Life who are using Nokia 97s in a variety of ways to enhance the living and learning communities at SHU. Their presentation highlights the exciting ideas from HRL in how they are creating an online community for distribution and sharing of resources and experiences.

The last presentation was given by Dr. Michael Taylor, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies and two of his students, Brittany Tumminia and Jacie Jones. Dr. Taylor has been using Nokia mobile devices since the beginning of the SHUmobile initiative and has incorporated all three models that are currently on campus, Nokia e71, N95 and N97, in his courses. Brittany showed a location and place digital story that she created in Introduction to Environmental Studies and Jacie showed a mini-documentary that she developed in Introduction to Public Policy. Dr. Taylor discussed the two assignments above, general use of mobile devices in higher education and Seton Hall’s newly formed Center for Mobile Research and Social Change.