When it comes to weird and wonderful designs, Daizi Zheng is right up there with the best of them. Her latest design is Nokia cells phones that are powered by Coke; this is done by using a new Bio Battery. It is not just Coca-Cola that can power the phone but any sugary drinks.

According to the designer, the new Nokia phones battery would get its power from enzymes, it is those that will generate the electricity from carbohydrates and will last three to four times as long as conventional lithium batteries. Not just that, but this power source is also biodegradable.

Zheng was asked by Nokia to design an eco power source alternative for its handsets, she knew that current cell phone batteries were not only expensive, but uses valuable resources throughout the manufacturing process. Coming up with a cheaper, greener choice is something worth solving.

As mobile devices continue to look for the next killer app, or the fastest processor, I am always encouraged to see evidence of research that is looking for new ways to continue to improve technology while striving to protect the environment. I’m not sure of the practicality of this, nor the necessary shift in the manufacturing ecosystem that would need to take place in order to help push this along, but it is still nice to see companies investigating alternative power sources.

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