Mobile Research Consortium

The concept for this working group originated with the doctoral research of David Middleton (CMRI’s Executive Director), which focuses on assessing the holistic impact of mobile technologies across academics, administration, and community engagement. His initial data collection efforts revealed a lack of publicly available examples of mLearning and mobile technology assessment instruments. Given the attention that mobile technology in Higher Education is getting, it became apparent that there is a need to establish a community of engaged practitioners and researchers who can share their knowledge and fill in the existing gaps.

To help David with his data collection please follow this link.

The goal of our working group is to promote a deeper understanding of the impact of mobile technology on higher education through the sharing of experiences, data, and ideas. Our initial focus will be an examination of how mobile technology is currently being used to promote student learning, faculty instruction, community engagement, and administrative efficiency across institutions. From this effort, we envision the collaborative development of a series of best practice models covering mobile technology deployment, teaching and learning approaches, and their assessment. At this time, the working group does not have any external funding, and therefore we will be seeking the lowest cost ways to effectively facilitate collaboration and communication between members. Our foundational partners (AT&T, Microsoft, and Nokia) have all expressed interest in supporting this initiative, and CMRI will continue to pursue funding opportunities.

Getting started:

  1. If you know of anybody who would be interested in joining this group in addition to yourself, please provide their name and email to CMRI (CMRI @ shu [DOT] edu) and we will reach out to them directly.  We will be inviting participation through EDUCAUSE, Frye Leadership Insitute, the AT&T College and University Advisory Council, and other existing groups and organizations.
  2. Complete the form below, providing some background information regarding your interest in mobile technology in higher education, as well as contact information for us to begin organizing group meetings.  Please be sure to provide your social media contact information. In particular, leave your Google+ information as we will be using Google Huddle as our initial meeting platform.
  3. We will begin scheduling for our fist Google Huddle very soon, and in order to do so,  we will use Doodle to coordinate schedules as best as possible. Upon receipt of the invitation, please complete the form as soon as possible, and we will schedule the first meeting within the next two weeks.

CMRI is very excited about this collaborative effort which is likely to shed light on the important potential of mobile technology within higher education, and look forward to working with you!


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