Mobile Evaluation and Assessment Project

David Middleton is conducting research into the impact of mobile technology within higher education. As part of this study, he is in the process of collecting as many examples of assessment and evaluation instruments that have been used to measure the success of mobile projects and deployments. If you have any instruments (rubrics, surveys, qualitative evaluations, etc.) that you could contribute to this study, please use the form below to submit them electronically, or contact David directly at david [ DOT] middleton @ shu [DOT] edu, or via twitter username @middleda.

Please note that through this request for documentation, neither David nor CMRI are looking for the data sets that  were generated from their deployment, but rather the protocol and mechanisms utilized to perform the assessment and evaluations.  In addition, by contributing your assessment and evaluation mechanisms, protocol, rubric and other artifacts, you will be provided with the the completed analysis of all contributed assessment and evaluation mechanisms, as well as identified benchmarks.  Finally, after contributing your valued resources, you will be invited to participate in the development of a collaborative national/global assessment and evaluation strategy for mobile initiatives across higher education.

Your help and contributions are greatly appreciated.  Please submit all materials as soon as possible, but the initial analysis of received materials will begin on March 17, 2012.

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Please briefly describe the mobile initiatives that your institution has undertaken or is considering. These can be at the course, program, department, division or institutional level.

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As a critical component of this research , comparative analysis of assessment and evaluation mechanisms will be conducted in order to establish common approaches, and to determine best practices for an approach to the evaluation and assessment of mobile projects in higher education. Please submit any available documentation on the methdology used for existing mobile initiatives on your campus.

Please note that the total combined file size of the submissions cannot be over 20mb. If your files amount to greater than 20mb, please email them separately. Thanks!

If you have more than three documents, or would prefer to send your documentation directly, please feel free to email them to david(DOT)middleton @ shu (DOT)edu.

Thank you very much for your contribution and support for this research initiative!